The livestock trade encompasses the purchase of productive livestock and livestock for slaughter, breeding calves, and fattening calves in all European countries. These are re-sold to farmers and distributors domestically and abroad. The business operates across all of Europe. Our relationships with our longstanding suppliers are valuable to us; nevertheless, we are always interested in getting to know new trustworthy calf and cattle suppliers domestically and abroad. For several years, we have sold between 80,000 and 100,000 animals per year – 70% of these are young calves between three weeks and three months old. The rest are cattle weighing between 150 and 300 kilograms. We usually buy these animals as calves and then take them to various farms where we have a cattle lease agreement for 60 to 180 days. After reaching the necessary or desired weight, we sell them once again.

To fully concentrate on buying and selling and having even more time to respond to our customers’ wishes, we have outsourced transport to special transportation companies. Nonetheless, we are always present at the time of loading. All these transporters comply with all the necessary livestock transport regulations. After all, our greatest interest is that the animals arrive at our customers’ premises well and, above all, as quickly as possible so that the animals incur as little stress as possible.